Braavos aka Girona

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One of the most impressive cities we visited in Spain last time was Girona. We spent the evening there, so it quickly got dark but I truly wish to go back another time for a whole day out. We walked around in the Cathedral area, which was quite surreal considering how old everything was. Also, some of Game of Thrones season 6 was filmed here for scenes in Braavos and King's Landing (the cathedral), not surprising at all! 

Girona Catalonia Spain
Girona in Spain
Girona Catalonia Travel

The streets were remarkably narrow and it wasn't easy to drive through them when we were looking to find parking. My parents had driven to Spain with their Land Rover and we joked about how the medieval folk missed a trick by not adapting their streets to fit Land Rovers et al. 

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I wore: Zara coat, Fiorelli bag, Levis jeans (here), Mango shoes, Zara scarf (everything old)

An Evening In Cadaqués

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I've finally had time to sit down and sort through more of my Spain content. There is just so..damn..much. But I love shooting photos and the whole process of editing, so I'm not complaining!

Anyway, as you already know I spent a couple of days in Spain last week with the rest of my family (even the dog and the cat, yes). The main purpose for our trip was to fully chill out, so we spent each day next to the pool at our villa and usually only left home around 4-5PM once it started getting colder. We actually got really lucky with the weather being somewhere between 18-22 degrees most days, but the evenings were usually quite chilly. If it was my way, I would spend the entirety of each day out exploring as I really hate sunbathing and "relaxing", but it was my parents trip so it was their way ;-). 

One of the evenings we drove to a nearby town called Cadaqués, which my parents referred to as the "white city" due to most buildings being crisp white. It was right next to the coast and its streets were narrow and quiet. Super charming! Whilst it was warm, the sky had been darkening the entire day, and literally minutes after we took these photos we were met with a huge rainstorm that was over about 15 minutes later. I loved the gloomy sky in my photos! 

Meldra Vasarina
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This is what I wore with an oversized muted blue trench coat. During our trip I made sure to stop at Oysho (one of my all time fave high street stores), and found this black, round straw bag. Love at first sight! 

Black straw bag outfit blogger
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I wore: Mango top (from winter sale), River Island skirt (2-3 years old), H&M mules (old from Depop), Oysho basket straw bag (here and similar here - adlink).

By the way, I'm not trying to make a point about being some super sustainable fashion person (which I'm not) by emphasising that some of my things are not new. I simply don't want to send anyone off on a wild goose chase when I know a certain item is probably no longer available, so I'm just making it clear. Now you know!

Cadaques Catalonia Spain

My mum and sister!

Cadaques Spain

As I mentioned, we got caught in a rain storm which passed pretty quickly. We then went for dinner along the riviera where me and my siblings had pasta with veg. Always a fail safe when you're a vegan in a foreign country, haha. 

Pink And Silky

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Silky midi skirt
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Luxembourg fashion blogger
Pink midi wrap skirt
Kristiana Vasarina

H&M Conscious top, H&M cap (wool free!!!), Zara midi skirt, Mango sock boots

Hey all. I'm so excited to post an outfit again for the first time in a year!!! I am addicted to the feeling of having a full SD card, and I can't wait to go home to get stuck in sorting and editing for hours, haha. As I've said many times before, I'm not as much all about that fashion life anymore, but of course I take a lot of pleasure in putting clothes together in looks that make me feel good and a bit extra. Because of that, I'm not trying to put lots of emphasis on posting brand new clothes, but instead using things I've owned for ages and just wearing them in new ways. For example, in this outfit the newest thing is probably the pair of boots which I got in December. The oldest things are the cap and the top, probably about 2-3 years old. A few years ago I rarely wore the same outfit twice, and considerable amount of time had to pass to wear the same statement pieces again and again, whereas now I'm just trying to mix and match it all differently so that I can create more with less. 

Change of Plans


On Monday I had a full day of travel, first from Copenhagen to Paris for layover, then an airport change across the city that required me taking the train, then second flight to the French border. If you followed my Instagram story, then you probably already know this process went horrendously, but I am here now and all’s good!

As you can see from the title, I've had a change of plans this week... My dad called me last Friday and invited us to a last minute trip on the coastline of Catalonia in Spain, as he booked some time off for my mum's birthday. It was spontaneous as heck, but hearing that my ENTIRE family will be there (including my sister who lives in Netherlands), I decided to join too. Of course, it was amplified by the fact that I was in a dire need of warmer weather, because Denmark was still throwing snow at us every now and then. Sadly my boyfriend couldn't come due to Uni commitments, so this is the first time we are apart since we moved in together. It's such a weird feeling, oh my god. I used to cry when I knew I wouldn't see him for 2 months, and now it's just going to be 6 days but it feels so weird.


Our villa is amazing. So many photo opportunities! And the know when you can physically smell warm weather? I'm definitely feeling that here. It’s around 18-20 degrees most days. I really needed this. I haven't felt that good lately, so it's so nice to travel somewhere new and I'm really excited about getting creative down here! The only thing is there’s no wifi in our villa so I’m using my 4G to write this from my phone, but I’ll have so many posts for when I’m back!