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Do you remember my post about consumerism? (You better, if you call yourself a loyal reader of mine as it was one of my most popular posts, ever!) Anyway, back to my post. The main premise was that I feel sick of consumerism and constantly rewarding myself for the most ridiculous things. Well, fast forward a few years and I felt kinda crappy while living in London, and suddenly the idea of rewarding myself sounded VERY interesting... To justify it, I was constantly adding stuff for sale on my Depop, but really it was silly, because the money (and items) coming in wasn't the same as that going out. 

Since moving to Denmark I've done quiiiite a bit of shopping as well. I genuinely can't resist going to & Other Stories whenever I'm in town. This time I'm not trying to be hard on myself or create rules. If I want something, I'll probably get it. But what is different is that instead of discarding older items, I'm trying to make them feel more exciting so that I can wear them again and again. This dress is such a good example of that. I got it in 2015, but I have worn it 1-3 times each year since then. It may not sound like much, but when it's a "statement" item in a wardrobe as big as mine, I think that's pretty good! I've also worn it on completely different occasions, for example summer drinks outside, house party, day at the beach and even last New Years Eve with tights and boots.

Also, can you believe I had already taken photos of this dress to be posted on Depop? I'm so glad I didn't. Hopefully I can continue using this mindset and become more mindful when it comes to shopping.

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H&M Trend Green Dress
H&M Deep V green dress
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Luxembourg fashion blogger

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