The Crop Flares

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Hey guys! Long time no see, oops. I know I said 1-3 posts a week, and I actually stuck to that for a while until I fell off the wagon. I guess it's kind of like going to the gym - if you don't do it for a few days then it's just easier to not think about it, I guess... I'm gonna try to schedule some more regular posts from now on, to make sure this does not happen again! 

Anyway, I wanted to quickly post this outfit I wore some time ago when it wasn't as warm as now. I've been super bored of skinny jeans in the last few months, I still wear them but more on my "lazy" days. I wanted to find something with a bit more shape and something more comfortable. Then came the Topshop Dree crop flares! Oh my god, these jeans are so comfy that I could probably sleep in them (but I wouldn't, because I have an illogical fear of my outside clothes touching any inside clothes spots at my home). I think there's so many ways to wear cropped denim, and I'm kind of hoping to mimic all the ways Topshop styled it on their website

Luxembourg fashion blogger
Topshop Dree crop flares.JPG

I wore: Zara trench,  Topshop jeans, Zara top, Oysho straw bag, Quay sunglasses, boots from Depop