The Crop Flares

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Hey guys! Long time no see, oops. I know I said 1-3 posts a week, and I actually stuck to that for a while until I fell off the wagon. I guess it's kind of like going to the gym - if you don't do it for a few days then it's just easier to not think about it, I guess... I'm gonna try to schedule some more regular posts from now on, to make sure this does not happen again! 

Anyway, I wanted to quickly post this outfit I wore some time ago when it wasn't as warm as now. I've been super bored of skinny jeans in the last few months, I still wear them but more on my "lazy" days. I wanted to find something with a bit more shape and something more comfortable. Then came the Topshop Dree crop flares! Oh my god, these jeans are so comfy that I could probably sleep in them (but I wouldn't, because I have an illogical fear of my outside clothes touching any inside clothes spots at my home). I think there's so many ways to wear cropped denim, and I'm kind of hoping to mimic all the ways Topshop styled it on their website

Topshop Dree crop flares.JPG

I wore: Zara trench,  Topshop jeans, Zara top, Oysho straw bag, Quay sunglasses, boots from Depop